My Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

My Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas
August 4, 2016 megsri8
healthy breakfast ideas

How to make a healthy breakfast?

healthy breakfast ideas

Today I want to share with you my interesting food journey on Instagram. A year ago when I started Meghna’s my focus was to sell my healthy snacks via an online shop. I started using Instagram as a means to share the recipes on my blog as well as a behind-the-scenes look at making my products on a large scale. Over the time I started enjoying Instagram as a means of finding innovative healthy recipes and ideas. I then wanted to make as beautiful food and images that I started finding on Instagram. This led to me learning more about food photography, finding alternatively healthy recipe books, exploring new kinds of healthy eating such as vegan, paleo and raw diets, buying a DSLR and searching for innovative food props. I started with creating colourful healthy breakfast bowls and smoothie bowls as this is quite popular on social media. Over the past six months or so I started whipping up a variety of these innovative healthy breakfast ideas whether they were chia puddings or healthy parfaits or green smoothie bowls. A healthy breakfast became such a fun daily project. I started experimenting with various super foods and worked on textures and most importantly came out with some wonderful healthy breakfast recipes.

Here are my top 10 healthy breakfast ideas from my Instagram account. Each picture is connected to my Instagram account or website followed with a recipe for the same.

1] Gorgeous Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl

green smoothie bowl 9

This tropical smoothie bowl is made with the goodness of spinach and coconut milk and then loaded with fruits like pineapple and passion fruit. Rich and creamy and packed with flavour. This can be a perfect on the go healthy breakfast or can be made more substantial with the addition of chia seeds or oats and soaked overnight.

2] Overnight Oats Parfait with Apricot & Carrot

overnight oats with carrot and apricot 2

Another one of my breakfast bowls recipe, this delicious and creamy breakfast of oats soaked overnight in yogurt is my absolute favourite. I have it regularly at home and keep finding ways to make it more delicious and innovative. This version is layered with a puree of carrot and apricot!

3] Cornflower and Strawberry Parfait

Vanilla yogurt parfait wit cornflowers 1-pinterest

This beauty is layered granola with vanilla flavoured yogurt, strawberries and edible flowers! This healthy breakfast yogurt parfait could easily make a dessert as well!

4] Green smoothie Protein Bowl

alchemy blend green smoothie bowl 1

This is truly a super healthy breakfast. This green bowl of goodness has protein powder which has an addition of a host of superfoods like spirulina and maca. In case you are scared to start adding protein into your diet, find a blend with superfoods and add it to your smoothie…easy!

5] Berry Chia Parfait

chia pudding recipe 3

This one is an oldie! One of my first successful chia parfaits made with a basic blueberry compote. You can substitute any seasonal fruit when making the compote.

6] Sweet Potato and Turmeric Golden Bowl

Instantly golden mango smoothie bowl 1

One of my vegan smoothie bowls, this recipe was such and exciting one for me. I added baked sweet potato and created the most creamy and divine smoothie bowl. Also found it a creative way to add the golden healing spice turmeric.

7] Blackberry Nicecream Parfait

blackberry nicecream parfait 4

Introducing the latest cool healthy breakfast idea- the nicecream! A healthier take on ice cream made with a base of frozen bananas. A really amazing gluten free healthy breakfast idea. You really need to give this a try! It is so simple!

8] Granola and Cinnamon Apple Parfait

healthy granola brands 2

This breakfast is another one of my favourites. It has the gut healing combination of stewed apples with cinnamon along with layers of granola and coconut yogurt! Yum!

9] Baobab and Carrot Smoothie Bowl

mango carrot baobab smoothie 3

This was a fun smoothie bowl for me as it involved using this delicious superfood-baobab. Packed with Vitamin C and fibre, baobab is an important ingredient to add to your healthy breakfast.

10] Rainbow Green overnight Oats

Green overnight oats-luv your blender 1

Finally finishing off the final tenth breakfast idea with this vibrant bowl of overnight soaked oats in a green smoothie bowl made with banana, kiwi, spinach and spirulina! This is a healthy breakfast you can make the night before. There is more than one way of enjoying your overnight oats and soaking it in a green smoothie really boosts the nutrition level of your breakfast!

I really hope I have inspired you to try your hand at making healthier and more vibrant breakfasts!  These breakfasts can be made the night before and can easily be carried to work or had on the go. Try combining some vegetable into your smoothie bowl to balance the sugars from the fruit. Experiment with super foods and protein powder. Make your breakfast as important as any meal of the day and bring colour and energy into your life!

Please feel free to ask me any recipe or proportion related question with regards to this healthy breakfast in the comments below. Stay inspired by following me on Instagram @meghnas_ and do take your recreations of your healthy breakfasts with #meghnas so that I can be a part of your healthy journey!






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