Sugar free Desserts

Learn how to create a range of sugar free desserts made  refined sugar free and with a focus on healthier alternative ingredients such a fruits, vegetables, nuts and tofu. Get ideas to create dairy free and sugar free desserts such as raw cheesecakes, raw confectionery, energy balls, pies, mousse, ice cream and much more. You no longer have to feel guilty when eating your dessert!



  • healthiest ferrero rocher 2

    Healthiest Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Recipe

      Today I want to share with you my recipe for the healthiest Ferrero Rocher chocolate you will ever have! I know you are thinking that healthy and chocolate is not possible, but believe me it is and once you try this, there is no going back! As a child…

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  • tropical raw cheesecake 4

    Tropical Coconut Raw Cheesecake Recipe

    What is a Raw food diet all about? Today I want to tell you about the raw food diet. The healthy face to veganism, raw food living is all about having a plant based diet of nuts, vegetables and fruits without heating above 42C. The focus is on preserving the…

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  • healthy snacks energy balls 4

    Rose & Pistachio Energy Balls

    What are Energy Balls? Today I want to tell you about this delicious healthy snack called energy balls. These sweet treats look like the Indian sweet ‘ladoos’! When I first came across them, I thought they were glorified ladoos! Haha! However they are way healthier than your standard ladoo and…

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  • vegan vanilla cupcake 2

    Healthy Vegan Cupcakes with Blood Orange Chia Jam and Frosting

    In continuation with my tribute to the end of the blood orange season I wanted to make something which would use a blood orange marmalade as well as frosting. I wanted to make a marmalade with blood oranges because it is such a flavourful fruit and even the peel has…

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  • Healthy Blood Orange Curd Bar

    Changes to Meghna’s If any of you have recently visited my website you may have realized that there have been some changes. Firstly there is no online shop and secondly the landing page is now dominated by my blog posts and Instagram posts! This is because the brand Meghna’s is…

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  • healthy ice cream recipe

    Sugar Free Ice Cream Recipe-Chocolate

     All about my sugar free ice cream idea One of my first steps in going sugar free was trying to find recipe substitutes for my favourite desserts. I love making and eating ice creams (in my cute ice cream maker!) and I thought if I did find a way to make…

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