Sugar free Desserts

Learn how to create a range of sugar free desserts made  refined sugar free and with a focus on healthier alternative ingredients such a fruits, vegetables, nuts and tofu. Get ideas to create dairy free and sugar free desserts such as raw cheesecakes, raw confectionery, energy balls, pies, mousse, ice cream and much more. You no longer have to feel guilty when eating your dessert!



  • vegan chocolate cheesecake 5

    Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake {Raw, Sugar free, GF}

    Hi all! Today I want to share with you this super delicious recipe for a Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake. I was celebrating my mother’s birthday and she requested a chocolate based cake. I wanted to make her a raw cheesecake because I really love its flavours and textures. Previously I had…

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  • protein balls 4

    Chocolate Hemp Protein Balls {Vegan, Raw, GF}

    Protein Balls Hello!! As you all are aware energy balls are my favourite healthy snack. Easy to make, packed with the perfect amount of protein and sweetness and perfect to carry when on the move. My previous versions of Rose & Pistachio energy balls and the Ferrero Rocher Protein Balls…

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  • breakfast parfait sugar free challenge

    Nicecream Breakfast Parfait {Sugar free, Vegan, Raw }

    Healthy Breakfast Parfait Hello! Today I want to share with you this beautiful healthy breakfast parfait recipe. A traditional parfait is layers of fruit, cream, cake and custard or ice cream. A breakfast parfait is similarly made with layers of breakfast ingredients like granola, fruit, yogurt and ice cream. As…

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  • healthy plum crumble cupcake 7

    Healthy Plum Crumble Cupcake

    End of Season… Plums! With the beginning of Autumn in London, I have been noticing a glut of plums in the markets. I love eating seasonal plums ad usually have it as a quick snack during the day. Sweet and tangy, plums are a delicious fruit to also cook with.…

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  • healthy snicker ice cream bar 1

    Healthy Snicker Ice cream Bars Recipe { Vegan, Sugarfree }

    Healthy Snicker Ice Cream Bars Lately I have been making a variety of healthier desserts and chocolates. The challenge that I usually give myself is to create these recipes with as much nutrition density by adding alternative healthy ingredients. I also do not want the ingredients to be too complicated and…

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  • naked berry cake 1

    The Healthiest Naked Berry Cake

    What is a Naked Berry Cake? With the end of the British summer here in London, I feel its best to celebrate the glorious summer that we had this year with this beautiful and delicious naked berry cake. I first came across this concept of a naked berry cake when watching…

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