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  • beetroot pomegranate juice sugar free challenge

    Beetroot Pomegranate Juice { Sugar free, Raw}

    Hello! I am so excited to share this recipe for my favourite juice ever- beetroot pomegranate juice! Made with the simplest of simple ingredients of beetroot, pomegranate and oranges. This is my favourite go to drink and I have started drinking this so often! The beetroot and pomegranate adds a great dose of antioxidants and nutrients, the orange and lemon

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  • pink rose chocolate

    Pink Rose Chocolate {Raw, Sugar free}

    Hello! In preparation for Valentine’s day I wanted to share with you a recipe for pink rose chocolate. I had created these adorable roses a while ago when I was experimenting with making white chocolate. I wanted it to be pink in colour and added a little beetroot to it as a natural colouring. It turned out to be such a

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  • rajma quinoa biryani 1 grain free

    Healthy Rajma Quinoa Biryani { Vegan, Vegetarian}

    Hello! Today’s recipe share is for this delicious and healthy Rajma Quinoa Biryani. This idea came about by chance when I wanted to make a protein based vegetarian Indian dinner which involved no rice! Grain free Indian meals are not the easiest option and is always something I struggle with. As soon as the carbohydrate is reduced it needs to be

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  • beetroot overnight oats

    Beetroot Overnight Oats- A Healthier Bircher Muesli

    Good morning! Today I want to inspire you to make a healthy breakfast. This is my favourite go-to breakfast recipes of beetroot overnight oats! It is my healthier take on the traditional Swiss style breakfast bowl of Bircher muesli. I love the taste of Bircher Muesli and I wanted to make it simpler, instead of grating and chopping the fruit and vegetables,

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  • Mint Protein Bars

    Mint Protein Bars {Paleo, Vegan, No Bake}

    Mint Protein Bars Good Morning! Today I am sharing with you a superfood packed healthy snack in the form of these Mint Protein bars! I have collaborated with the wonderful Indigo Herbs to create these mint protein bars using their Wheatgrass powder, Pea Protein Powder and Yacon Syrup. I enjoy creating a range of healthy snacks and stocking my fridge

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  • sweet potato noodle grain free

    Asian style Sweet Potato Noodle Bowl {Paleo, Low Carb}

    Good morning! My interesting recipe for the day is this Asian style sweet potato noodle bowl. Have you heard about sweet potato noodles? These are noodles made using a vegetable spiraliser and a great low carb alternative to regular wheat based or rice noodles. I really enjoy this concept of using vegetables as substitutes to grains as firstly its a great

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