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  • South Indian Kale Curry

    A recipe for a South Indian kale curry made with coconut milk and freshly ground spice mix. This is a warm creamy curry with a mellow hint of spice and packed with flavour. The turmeric and kale make it a wonderfully healthy and nourishing dinner. Give this healthy sambar a try today!

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  • healthy beetroot granola recipe meghnas kitchen

    Beetroot Granola Recipe

    How healthy is Granola? I have been meaning to share my healthy granola recipe since a very long time. I started working on a sugar free granola recipe after moving to London. When I first went down the super market aisles in Cereal section in London I was bewildered by the various brands and options for Muesli, Granola and Wheat

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    Cheesy baked Quinoa with Aubergine & Beans

    Today I want to tell you about one of my favourite go-to dinner recipes on a busy workday. It is a cheesy quinoa bake. Before I tell you about this recipe I want to discuss the health benefits of cooking with quinoa. What is quinoa? Quinoa or ‘keen wa’ as it is pronounced is a gluten free, healthy grain alternative. In

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  • healthy gluten free chicken pasta

    Healthy Gluten Free Chicken Pasta

    One of the new forms of food I learnt about moving to London was the free-from range. I had barely heard of food allergies or people with food intolerance back in Bangalore. There is no concept of food allergy labeling or segregation either in restaurants or in super markets. I had heard little about nut allergies but nothing much about

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  • healthy ice cream recipe

    Sugar Free Ice Cream Recipe-Chocolate

     All about my sugar free ice cream idea One of my first steps in going sugar free was trying to find recipe substitutes for my favourite desserts. I love making and eating ice creams (in my cute ice cream maker!) and I thought if I did find a way to make it sugar free and healthy then it would truly keep

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  • healthy indian food, cooking with coconut oil

    Healthy Butter Chicken Recipe

    Is butter chicken healthy? Traditionally butter chicken is not considered as a healthy dinner option mainly because it consists of butter and cream. It is however one of the most loved Indian Punjabi dishes and is available on almost every North Indian restaurant menu. Butter chicken is one of my favourite dishes as well but one of my biggest issues

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