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  • healthy quinoa idli

    Healthy Quinoa Idli + Basic Home Fermentation Tips

    Hello! I want to share a delicious, savoury breakfast of Healthy Quinoa Idli! Idli is a traditional South Indian breakfast of fermented lentils and rice batter which is steamed in shallow, round containers. It looks like small white pillows, the flavour is mildly tangy and texture is spongy and soft.  My in laws are from Madhya Pradesh and for them

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  • Healthy quinoa upma

    Healthy Quinoa Upma + Savoury Breakfast Challenge

    Hello! Hope you have been well! I have been having fun times, travelling to India and spending time with my family and loved ones. Today I want to share with you two interesting things. One is a super delicious savoury Indian themed breakfast recipe for a quinoa upma. The other is the fun challenge I started a couple of months

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  • quinoa pineapple fried rice

    Quinoa Pineapple Fried Rice {Grain free, Gluten free}

    Today I want to share with you a recipe for a delicious healthy dinner of Quinoa Pineapple Fried Rice.  However before I do that I would like to help answer a question that many of you may have on a daily basis, how to make a healthy dinner? This question may seem simple but it is something that is always

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  • strawberry protein donuts

    No Bake Strawberry Protein Donuts

    Hello! Hope you have had a great weekend and now a wonderful start to the week. I had blissfully lazy weekend with my better half. We relaxed, read books (me cook books), played scrabble and ate loads of yummy food which I also happily got to take some beautiful pics of! I wanted to start this week with lots of

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  • rainbow smoothie popsicles

    Rainbow Smoothie Popsicles {Sugar free, Dairy free}

    Hello! This summer in Hong Kong I have spent my time creating a myriad of popsicles and ice creams to beat the heat and humidity. All my popsicles are sugar free, made with lots of fruit and some coconut milk or yogurt. These Rainbow smoothie popsicles I have made are dedicated to fruits, vegetables and their vibrant colours which are

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  • amaranth buckwheat porridge

    Amaranth Buckwheat Porridge {Gluten free, Sugar free}

    Hello! It has been a while since I last shared a recipe with you. I actually became a bit overwhelmed with the combination of my studies, work at the cafe and family visiting. I really enjoy sharing my recipes and ideas on this website as I find it a great creative outlet. I used to keep a timetable to ensure

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