Healthiest Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Recipe

Healthiest Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Recipe
September 2, 2016 megsri8
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Today I want to share with you my recipe for the healthiest Ferrero Rocher chocolate you will ever have! I know you are thinking that healthy and chocolate is not possible, but believe me it is and once you try this, there is no going back! As a child ferrero rocher for me was the most exotic and amazing chocolate ever! I used to eat it layer by layer, marvelling how they got the hazelnut right in the centre. I think it was extra special because in India hazel nuts are not easily available and it add to the exclusivity of this chocolate.  It seems obvious that I had to recreate a healthy version of my childhood favourite chocolate!

Now how can you make a healthy ferrero rocher chocolate? Simple, you use sugar free raw chocolate, add some green superfoods and protein and voila! A healthy ferrero rocher chocolate!

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I reworked my delicious rose & pistachio energy balls in this recipe. I substituted hazelnuts for the nuts. This is essential if you want to get the ferrero rocher flavour. In fact after making this version, I realised the flavour in a ferrero rocher is all in the hazelnuts! I then added some green superfoods into the energy balls.

I was approached by the VITL health company to try out their VITL super greens. They sent me over a neat box with 25 gram sachets of green super foods. I was amazed by the list of superfoods it had which included spirulina, maca, goji berries, green tea, beetroot, kale, turmeric and much more! It was so convenient to add to smoothies and possibly any dessert to give it a healthy boost. It also has vanilla flavour so it gives a delicious overall flavour. I knew I had to add it to my healthy ferrero rocher recipe for the added health benefits.  Check out their website for a whole host of nutrition supplements and healthy superfood mixes.


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For the chocolate, I used my home made raw tempered chocolate but feel free to use any shop bought raw chocolate (you can read about my favourite shop bought raw chocolate brand here). Or use a really dark chocolate with sugar content not more than 20gms per 100gms of chocolate.

The best part of this recipe is that it is super simple to make! Few ingredients ready in less than an hour, you really should give this healthy ferrero rocher recipe a try. And seriously, this is the healthiest and most delicious version ever! (Even if I say so myself :))

Let me know what you think about this recipe in the comments below and use the #meghnas when posting this on Instagram, so that I can be a part of your healthy food journey!

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Healthiest Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Recipe
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
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  1. Lightly roast the hazelnuts by either placing it on a baking parchment over an oven proof tray for 8 minutes at 180C or in the microwave at high for 2 minutes. It needs to be lightly golden with a crunch.
  2. Set aside 50 grams of the hazel nuts. Out of this 50 grams set aside 12 whole hazel nuts. Lightly blitz in a food processor the rest of the hazel nuts into rough pieces. These will form the coating of the ferrero richer balls so it should not be a powder. Neither should it be too big. I find pulsing it for 3-4 times in the food processor works well. Keep these roughly powdered hazel nut bits as well as the whole hazel nuts aside. It will be used for later.
  3. Soak the dates in hot water for 2-3 minutes. If you soak it for longer it will get too wet and will be difficult to work with. Drain it completely and set aside.
  4. While the dates are soaking, blitz 75 grams of the roasted hazelnuts to a fine powder in a food processor. Get it down to as fine a powder as possible. Remove it from the food processor and set aside.
  5. Now blitz the soaked dates and coconut oil till completely broken down.
  6. Add the hazelnut powder, protein powder, chia seeds and VITL super greens powder. Blitz it in the food processor till it all combines and becomes a ball like consistency. This may take a few minutes. Remove from the food processor and set aside
  7. Now for the assembly. Bring out the whole hazel nuts, rough hazel nut powder, the green date mix and the raw chocolate.
  8. Melt the raw chocolate in a bowl. Be careful if it is raw then over heating will reduce the nutrient level. I like to put it in the microwave for 20 seconds on high and then keep stirring till it melts completely. Or melt it in a double boiler but keep an eye that the temperature does not increase 42C.
  9. Make 12 equal balls with the green date & hazelnut mixture. Press into each of these balls with a whole hazelnut. The hazelnut must be in the centre of these balls. Reshape them incase the balls collapse.
  10. Now for the coating, I tried two methods and both were fantastic. You can either mix the roughly powdered hazelnuts into the raw chocolate and then roll the green superfood balls into to completely coat. Alternatively you can dip the superfood balls into raw chocolate and then roll it in the nut powder. Both taste really good but the the second version is a less messy. I will take you through both.
  11. Line a plate with baking paper. Add the rough hazelnut powder to the raw chocolate and stir in. Dip each of the superfood balls into the nut and chocolate mix using a fork. Coat the ball completely with this mix. Using the fork, place it on the lined plate. Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the balls.
  12. Alternatively, place the rough hazelnut powder on a plate. Line a plate with baking paper. Dip each superfood ball using a fork into the melted raw chocolate bowl and then roll it in the hazel nut powder. When completely coated, place it on the lined plate. Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the balls.
  13. Place these chocolate and nut coated superfood balls into the fridge and let it set for half an hour.
  14. These last easily for two weeks in an air-tight box in the fridge. They also freeze easily.
Recipe Notes

* If you cannot access VITL super greens then use a combination of 1/4 tsp vanilla powder +1 tsp spirulina or chlorella + 1 tsp maca

** I use my home made tempered raw chocolate but you can use any good quality shop bought raw chocolate. Or any sugar free chocolate of your choice. If you are going to use regular chocolate then try to get it darker such as 80% dark chocolate as the sugars tend to be less.

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