• beetroot juice 2

    How to make Juice without a Juicer?

    How to Make Juice without a Juicer at Home? Today I want to tell you about a quick and easy trick to make beet juice without a juicer. I have introduced raw juices into my diet over the past 6 months and I love the benefits I receive from drinking…

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  • healthy granola brands 1

    Review: Three Amazing Healthy Granola Brands UK!

    Is Granola Healthy?   Today I want to introduce you to three amazing healthy granola brands in the UK! Although I love making my own granola, there are days when you are just too busy to make your own granola, and these healthy granola brands come to the rescue! But…

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  • Review: The Best Raw Chocolate Bar

    Organic Raw Chocolate UK This is the first food product review that I am doing, and I am quite excited. I am always looking for new, healthier packaged food products and I thought it would be a good idea to share my favourite foods with you and help you make…

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  • blacken and feta burger

    Cooking with Coconut Oil

    Cooking with Coconut Oil? Growing up in a Mangalorean (read South Indian) family in Bangalore, coconut oil was the most regular oil used at home. A head massage from my grandmother would definitely include copious amounts of coconut oil (and some serious scalp thulping!). Our Mangalorean curries and savoury dishes…

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  • chia pudding recipe 5

    How to go sugar free?

    Chai without sugar? The horrors!… Going on a sugar free diet was not something I could ever imagine doing completely. I knew that refined sugars were really unhealthy but I have always had a major sweet tooth which I know I have inherited from my father! I knew desserts were…

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