• grain free sugar free challenge

    The Best Healthy Gluten free Substitutes

    Healthy gluten free Substitutes! Hello! If you have been following my recipes and creations, you know I tend to make and share healthy gluten free substitutes for grain free meals. Grain free eating is a process where you remove grains like rice and wheat from your diet and substitute it…

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  • Almond milk

    How to make Almond Milk?

    DIY Almond milk Hello! Today I want to teach you how to make almond milk at home. I have received requests for an almond milk recipe for quite a while. Almond milk is a basic recipe to learn when you start making nut and seed milks at home. I regularly…

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  • carrot turmeric porridge 4 sugar free challenge

    Sugar Free Challenge for 30 Days! Part I-Breakfast

    Today’s post is about an interesting challenge a dear friend of mine has to take upon-more unwillingly than willing! Her doctor suggested she goes sugar free for 30 days and she was in complete panic. I have been off refined sugar for two years now and this has become a…

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  • 4 Healthy Natural Sugar Alternatives

    Hello all! It has been almost two years since I started going sugar free and I absolutely love it! The toughest part was the first starting month, but after that my body happily got used to being without refined sugar. I have written all about the necessity of going sugar…

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  • healthy breakfast ideas

    My Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

    How to make a healthy breakfast? Today I want to share with you my interesting food journey on Instagram. A year ago when I started Meghna’s my focus was to sell my healthy snacks via an online shop. I started using Instagram as a means to share the recipes on…

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  • refined coconut oil 5

    Refined Coconut Oil vs Unrefined Coconut Oil

    Unrefined vs Refined Coconut Oil Today I want to talk to you about a long pending aspect of one of my favourite cooking oils-coconut oil! A year or so ago I had written about the benefits of cooking with coconut oil as well as the ways of adding coconut oil into…

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