Healthy Vegan Recipes

healthy vegan recipesAre you vegan or planning to start a vegan diet? Sharing with you a range of health vegan recipes which are all dairy free, sugar free, eggless and vegetarian. Nourishing plant based recipes, packed with healthy organic ingredients, perfect for your gut and immunity!



  • healthy stir fry recipe 1

    Healthy Stir Fry with Courgetti

     How to Make a Healthy Stir Fry? Chinese food and stir fry does not immediately conjure up as something healthy in your mind. It is usually something you order when you are a craving for something a little oily and salty. Stir fries however are one of the quickest and easiest meals…

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  • vegan vanilla cupcake 2

    Healthy Vegan Cupcakes with Blood Orange Chia Jam and Frosting

    In continuation with my tribute to the end of the blood orange season I wanted to make something which would use a blood orange marmalade as well as frosting. I wanted to make a marmalade with blood oranges because it is such a flavourful fruit and even the peel has…

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  • low carb indian tikki 2

    Delicious Low Carb Indian Tikki Recipe

     Indian food Healthy or Not? A big question for people living in the UK is whether Indian food is healthy. Indian food is usually seen as a guilty pleasure and something your order as a takeaway or when you want something indulgent. The Indian restaurants in the UK have given…

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  • chia pudding recipe 3

    Blueberry Chia Pudding Recipe

     A photo journey of my healthy eating adventures! I am not sure how many of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook but recently I have devoted myself to improving my food photography skills and building on my Instagram account. I found a book on food photography and I bought…

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  • roasted chickpea and kale vegan bowl 1

    Roasted Chickpea and Kale Vegan Bowl

    Today I would like to share with you this recipe for a quick and nourishing lunch or dinner. Vegan bowls or vegetarian bowls are something of a revelation for me , healthy meal wise. They are basically a salad which can be had as a meal.  Sometimes a salad seems too…

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  • healthy ice cream recipe

    Sugar Free Ice Cream Recipe-Chocolate

     All about my sugar free ice cream idea One of my first steps in going sugar free was trying to find recipe substitutes for my favourite desserts. I love making and eating ice creams (in my cute ice cream maker!) and I thought if I did find a way to make…

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