Healthy Vegan Recipes

healthy vegan recipesAre you vegan or planning to start a vegan diet? Sharing with you a range of health vegan recipes which are all dairy free, sugar free, eggless and vegetarian. Nourishing plant based recipes, packed with healthy organic ingredients, perfect for your gut and immunity!



  • vegan chocolate cheesecake 5

    Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake {Raw, Sugar free, GF}

    Hi all! Today I want to share with you this super delicious recipe for a Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake. I was celebrating my mother’s birthday and she requested a chocolate based cake. I wanted to make her a raw cheesecake because I really love its flavours and textures. Previously I had…

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  • turmeric granola 3

    Squash Turmeric Granola {Sugar free, Gluten free}

    Hello! With the descent of Autumn and moving towards winter, the seasonal super hero currently is squash! Squash is a nuttier form of pumpkin and comes in a series of colours, shapes and sizes. You usually get butternut squash through out the year in supermarkets in London but come Autumn/Winter…

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  • healthy indian chaat 1

    Healthy Indian Chaat : Chole Tikki {Vegan, Vegetarian }

    Healthy Fast Food Blog Carnival Today I have created this recipe after being inspired by my lovely new Instagram friend Janine. She has a wonderful account on Instagram called @nutsandblueberries where she shares recipes and stories of her idyllic life in Germany. She has started a Blog Carnival with the…

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  • healthy snicker ice cream bar 1

    Healthy Snicker Ice cream Bars Recipe { Vegan, Sugarfree }

    Healthy Snicker Ice Cream Bars Lately I have been making a variety of healthier desserts and chocolates. The challenge that I usually give myself is to create these recipes with as much nutrition density by adding alternative healthy ingredients. I also do not want the ingredients to be too complicated and…

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  • healthiest ferrero rocher 2

    Healthiest Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Recipe

      Today I want to share with you my recipe for the healthiest Ferrero Rocher chocolate you will ever have! I know you are thinking that healthy and chocolate is not possible, but believe me it is and once you try this, there is no going back! As a child…

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  • indian vegan curry recipe 2

    Rich Indian Vegan Curry

    Restaurant Style Indian Vegan Curry…? Today I want to share with you this delicious Indian curry recipe that I make quite regularly at home. This recipe is based on a a vegetarian Shahi or Mughlai gravy recipe. I started working on this recipe idea because I wanted to create my…

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