Healthy Vegan Recipes

healthy vegan recipesAre you vegan or planning to start a vegan diet? Sharing with you a range of health vegan recipes which are all dairy free, sugar free, eggless and vegetarian. Nourishing plant based recipes, packed with healthy organic ingredients, perfect for your gut and immunity!



  • indian vegan curry recipe 2

    Rich Indian Vegan Curry

    Restaurant Style Indian Vegan Curry…? Today I want to share with you this delicious Indian curry recipe that I make quite regularly at home. This recipe is based on a a vegetarian Shahi or Mughlai gravy recipe. I started working on this recipe idea because I wanted to create my…

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  • tropical raw cheesecake 4

    Tropical Coconut Raw Cheesecake Recipe

    What is a Raw food diet all about? Today I want to tell you about the raw food diet. The healthy face to veganism, raw food living is all about having a plant based diet of nuts, vegetables and fruits without heating above 42C. The focus is on preserving the…

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  • healthy snacks energy balls 4

    Rose & Pistachio Energy Balls

    What are Energy Balls? Today I want to tell you about this delicious healthy snack called energy balls. These sweet treats look like the Indian sweet ‘ladoos’! When I first came across them, I thought they were glorified ladoos! Haha! However they are way healthier than your standard ladoo and…

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  • Makhana- healthy snack recipe 3

    Makhana: Healthy Snack Recipes

    What is Makhana Made Of? Makhana also known as Phool Makhana is a seed from a water plant grown mainly in India, China and Japan. It’s English name is Fox nut or Eurayle ferox and it is from a the water lily family. It is actually a seed and hence a…

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  • Turmeric Hummus with Baked Sweet Potato Recipe

    Is Turmeric Good For You?   I have recently started working part time with a lovely turmeric based company called Wunderworkshop. They make delicious turmeric based dairy free milks, vegan latte mixes, honey and tea. My main job is help develop the blog with recipes using the products along with…

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  • green smoothie bowl 9

    Gorgeous Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl

    What is a Green Smoothie? A green smoothie is a fruit and green vegetable based drink or breakfast alternative which is made with a combination of creamy fruit, greens, superfoods and dried fruit. Its a quick on the go breakfast option and can be made in advance and kept for…

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