Healthy Snacks and Juices

healthy snacks energy balls 4Recipes for healthy snacks and juices, nutritious addition to your everyday health routine. From energy balls, protein bars to crunchy savoury snacks and vegetable based juices, healthy snack recipes to curb your mid afternoon cravings or to fuel you post work out. Made using only organic vegetables and fruits, dried fruit and nuts and using coconut oil and cacao butter. Learn how to make these healthy snacks and juices on a regular basis to keep yourself from reaching out for something unhealthy!



  • raw white chocolate

    Tempered Raw White Chocolate {Sugar free, Vegan}

    Hello! Today I am so very excited to share this recipe with you of my tempered raw white chocolate. It is an idea I have been working on for a while and I have finally come up with a simple basic recipe which would be a great way to start working…

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  • beetroot smoothie bowl

    Beetroot Smoothie Bowl {Raw, Vegan, GF}

    Hello! I have decided to share more of my breakfast ideas with you on the blog. I do share a breakfast idea at least once a week on my Instagram account, but usually the emphasis is on the image and the styling and recipe is not so detailed. This is…

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  • Mango baobab energy balls 2

    Mango Baobab Energy Balls {Raw, GF, Vegan}

    Hello!! Today I am sharing with you these delicious immunity boosting Mango baobab energy balls. You know what a big fan of energy balls I am. They are simple to make, packed with nutrition, are a get energy booster and a perfect snack! I have already created versions of these…

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  • quinoa falafels 3

    Vegetable Quinoa Falafels {GF, Vegan}

    Hello! How have you all been? I have been so busy settling into my new flat in HK that I haven’t had time to share this recipe for quinoa falafels. I have actually found great solace in cooking right now – to the extent that I avoid doing any of…

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  • protein balls 4

    Chocolate Hemp Protein Balls {Vegan, Raw, GF}

    Protein Balls Hello!! As you all are aware energy balls are my favourite healthy snack. Easy to make, packed with the perfect amount of protein and sweetness and perfect to carry when on the move. My previous versions of Rose & Pistachio energy balls and the Ferrero Rocher Protein Balls…

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  • healthy plum crumble cupcake 7

    Healthy Plum Crumble Cupcake

    End of Season… Plums! With the beginning of Autumn in London, I have been noticing a glut of plums in the markets. I love eating seasonal plums ad usually have it as a quick snack during the day. Sweet and tangy, plums are a delicious fruit to also cook with.…

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