Healthy Indian Food

healthy indian chaat 4Recipes for healthy Indian food, using alternative grains and vegetables to create unique low carb meals. From snacks and chutneys to dinners and desserts, a range of innovative recipe ideas with authentic Indian flavours.



  • indian kale tofu curry

    Indian Kale Tofu Curry {Vegan, Healthy}

    Hello! Today’s  recipe for an Indian Kale Tofu Curry was created because of all the love I have received for my South Indian Kale Curry recipe. When you think of healthy, Kale is the first thing you think about because it is so popular and has great health benefits. However it…

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  • rajma quinoa biryani 1 grain free

    Healthy Rajma Quinoa Biryani { Vegan, Vegetarian}

    Hello! Today’s recipe share is for this delicious and healthy Rajma Quinoa Biryani. This idea came about by chance when I wanted to make a protein based vegetarian Indian dinner which involved no rice! Grain free Indian meals are not the easiest option and is always something I struggle with. As…

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  • healthy chicken tikka kebabs 3 grain free

    Healthy Chicken Tikka Kebabs + Buckwheat Salad

    Hello! It has been ages since I have shared an Indian recipe and especially a non-vegetarian one! So here is another healthy dinner recipe for you but an Indian one! These healthy chicken tikka kebabs are something which I make regularly and are very easy to put together. Packed with spices…

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  • healthy indian chaat 1

    Healthy Indian Chaat : Chole Tikki {Vegan, Vegetarian }

    Healthy Fast Food Blog Carnival Today I have created this recipe after being inspired by my lovely new Instagram friend Janine. She has a wonderful account on Instagram called @nutsandblueberries where she shares recipes and stories of her idyllic life in Germany. She has started a Blog Carnival with the…

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  • indian vegan curry recipe 2

    Rich Indian Vegan Curry

    Restaurant Style Indian Vegan Curry…? Today I want to share with you this delicious Indian curry recipe that I make quite regularly at home. This recipe is based on a a vegetarian Shahi or Mughlai gravy recipe. I started working on this recipe idea because I wanted to create my…

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  • mint chutney 1

    Indian Kale and Mint Chutney Recipe

    How to cook Kale in Indian Style? Kale is my ultimate favourite healthy green. I add it in almost everything. My favourite options are adding it to roasts or when making a green juice. However I do not find too many Indian recipes with Kale greens. This is why I keep…

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