Review: Three Amazing Healthy Granola Brands UK!

Review: Three Amazing Healthy Granola Brands UK!
June 9, 2016 megsri8
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Is Granola Healthy?


Today I want to introduce you to three amazing healthy granola brands in the UK! Although I love making my own granola, there are days when you are just too busy to make your own granola, and these healthy granola brands come to the rescue! But first, the first important question, how healthy is granola? Granola is sold as a breakfast cereal and its basic ingredients are amazing- oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. However its traditionally made laden with sugars and fats. This ensures that your granola is crunchy and sweet. This is why granola can be considered to be quite unhealthy, especially if eaten first thing in the morning! I would first recommend you try your hand at making your own healthy sugar free granola at home. You can make a large batch on a Sunday morning and it will keep for the month. Try your hand at making this vibrant Beetroot Granola as well as this soul warming Squash Turmeric Granola. However if you are too busy then scroll ahead to try these three sugar free healthier granola options.

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What makes a Healthy Granola Brand?

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However many brands are going the extra mile and taking efforts to make their granola without refined sugar and reducing the fat content. I spent many hours trying to find the best sugar free granola. I was careful to understand the type of sugar being used, because just because refined sugar has not been used, it did not make it any healthier! In cases where lower GI sugars were used like coconut sugar or dried fruit like dates were used, I also checked the sugar content in terms of 100gms of their product. I wanted to ensure as reduced sweetness was involved so that the natural flavours and ingredients shone out. Anything more than 22 grams of sugar per 100 grams of cereal did not make the cut.

Further when I was researching healthy granola to buy, I also looked up the type of fat being used. I wanted to ensure good fats such as coconut oil or rapeseed oil was being used rather than sunflower oil or other inflammatory fats. Finally I looked at quality of ingredients and flavour. In the end, you do not want to eat something that tastes like cardboard! As I always say, healthy can be delicious!

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I have show cased each of these healthy granola brands in one of my smoothie bowls. Granola, no matter how healthy it is, is best eaten as a part of your breakfast. What better way than adding it to your vegetable and fruit based smoothie bowl! Without further ado, I bring to you my favourite healthy granola cereal brands to stock your store cupboard with!

The Three Best Healthy Granola Brands

1] Primrose’s Kitchen: Organic Courgette & Cacao Granola

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This Organic sugar free granola is amazing! The first thing which caught my eyes were the ingredients of courgette and cacao and I was so intrigued. It is made up of courgette, cacao, buckwheat and sunflower seeds and dehydrated at low temperature. Meaning this is not only a raw granola but also a vegan, gluten free,  grain free healthy granola and ticks the boxes of a lot of healthy diets! The sweetener is dates-which is my favourite sweetener to use by far. It has no added fat and is one of the rare nut free granolas. Finally it has some additional super foods of turmeric and lucuma. Don’t the ingredients sound wonderful! Now for the big question-how does it taste? One word-Incredible! There is lovely flavour of cacao and caramel with a hint of coconut. It has a surprisingly buttery, melt in the mouth texture with a good amount of sweetness and crunch. I teamed my batch of Primrose’s Kitchen granola with a chocolate and banana nice-cream smoothie bowl and felt the flavours truly shine!

2] Spoon Cereals: Cinnamon and Pecan Granola

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A simple and delicious granola made with familiar ingredients of oats and nuts. This brand goes back to the basics of creating a simple granola but with reduced alternate sugars and using rapeseed oil as the fat. Hence it does not have the clustered crunch effect that you usually encounter with granola but it has a lovely mild sweetness and light crunch from the baked pecans, cinnamon and coconut chips. They use honey and maple syrup but their total sugar content is really low-12 grams for very 100 grams which I think is pretty awesome! I really like the simplicity of the ingredients and flavour. I eat this as a parfait with a super yum combination of coconut yogurt and stewed apples with cinnamon. The flavours really go together and breakfast feels so much fun!

3] Planet Organic: Sweet Greens Paleo Granola

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Planet Organic sells a variety of their own brand of products and one product which caught my eye was their grain free sugar free granola made with a base of coconut chips, dates, nuts and seeds. The Sweet Greens has an addition of some wonderful superfoods such as spirulina, wheat grass powder and chia seeds. It also has a variety of nuts and seeds such as almonds, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The sweetener is coconut sugar and dried fruit of banana and dates. All in a light and lovely coconut based granola with a good range of plant based ingredients. If you like coconut, then this granola is for you! I enjoyed the crunch, colour and flavours of this granola. I have topped it with my anti-oxidant smoothie bowl of beetroot and strawberries. The flavours of the banana and coconut in the granola worked well with my smoothie bowl!

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You can find these delicious granolas in Whole Food market, Planet Organic, Ocado, Waitress or on their website’s online shops! Do you have a favourite brand of healthy granola? I would love to know your favourites, irrespective if you live in the UK or not. Do share your thoughts and favourites in the comments below. Also if you are feel like giving a try at making your own healthy granola then give these two healthy and easy granola recipes for Beetroot Granola and Squash Turmeric Granola a try as well!


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