Healthy Dinner Recipes

healthy pad thaiHealthy dinner recipes with a focus on grain free, paleo friendly meals. Using vegetables, pseudo cereals and alternative grains to create nourishing, innovative and low carb everyday dinners.



  • healthy gluten free chicken pasta

    Healthy Gluten Free Chicken Pasta

    One of the new forms of food I learnt about moving to London was the free-from range. I had barely heard of food allergies or people with food intolerance back in Bangalore. There is no concept of food allergy labeling or segregation either in restaurants or in super markets. I…

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  • healthy indian food, cooking with coconut oil

    Healthy Butter Chicken Recipe

    Is butter chicken healthy? Traditionally butter chicken is not considered as a healthy dinner option mainly because it consists of butter and cream. It is however one of the most loved Indian Punjabi dishes and is available on almost every North Indian restaurant menu. Butter chicken is one of my…

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  • How to cook kale Indian style

    Kale Pulao- How to cook Kale Indian style!

    What is kale good for? From a young age it has been inculcated in me that greens are your best friend! Being mildly anemic growing up, my parents always ensured that I ate some form of greens at least twice a week. Back in Bangalore we had a huge array…

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  • healthy vegetarian recipes-quick and easy meals-dinner ideas for two, what to make for dinner, healthy meals for one

    Veg Jalfrezi- Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

     Healthy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes This Indian vegetable curry recipe has seen many a mutated form in various Indian restaurants and wedding buffets around the world. Previously I never used to enjoy eating this dish because it would end up being very oily, spicy and lacking in any real flavour. Suffocating in the grease…

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  • mangalore-pumpkin-sambar-london-meghnas-snacks

    Coconut Pumpkin Sambar

    Getting married and moving to London from Bangalore happened in quick succession and before I knew it I was in a new country, in a new home and with a…new kitchen! Having a kitchen of my own and being the master of it made me delirious with joy. The added…

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