Healthy Dinner Recipes

Healthy dinner recipes with a focus on grain free, paleo friendly meals. Using vegetables, pseudo cereals and alternative grains to create nourishing, innovative and low carb everyday dinners.
  • indian vegan curry recipe 2

    Rich Indian Vegan Curry

    Restaurant Style Indian Vegan Curry…? Today I want to share with you this delicious Indian curry recipe that I make quite regularly at home. This recipe is based on a a vegetarian Shahi or Mughlai gravy recipe. I started working on this recipe idea because I wanted to create my…

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  • healthy stir fry recipe 1

    Healthy Stir Fry with Courgetti

     How to Make a Healthy Stir Fry? Chinese food and stir fry does not immediately conjure up as something healthy in your mind. It is usually something you order when you are a craving for something a little oily and salty. Stir fries however are one of the quickest and easiest meals…

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  • low carb indian tikki 2

    Delicious Low Carb Indian Tikki Recipe

     Indian food Healthy or Not? A big question for people living in the UK is whether Indian food is healthy. Indian food is usually seen as a guilty pleasure and something your order as a takeaway or when you want something indulgent. The Indian restaurants in the UK have given…

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  • roasted chickpea and kale vegan bowl 1

    Roasted Chickpea and Kale Vegan Bowl

    Today I would like to share with you this recipe for a quick and nourishing lunch or dinner. Vegan bowls or vegetarian bowls are something of a revelation for me , healthy meal wise. They are basically a salad which can be had as a meal.  Sometimes a salad seems too…

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  • South Indian Kale Curry

    A recipe for a South Indian kale curry made with coconut milk and freshly ground spice mix. This is a warm creamy curry with a mellow hint of spice and packed with flavour. The turmeric and kale make it a wonderfully healthy and nourishing dinner. Give this healthy sambar a…

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    Cheesy baked Quinoa with Aubergine & Beans

    Today I want to tell you about one of my favourite go-to dinner recipes on a busy workday. It is a cheesy quinoa bake. Before I tell you about this recipe I want to discuss the health benefits of cooking with quinoa. What is quinoa? Quinoa or ‘keen wa’ as it…

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