Healthy Breakfast Ideas

healthy breakfast Nourishing healthy breakfast ideas and recipes giving you a perfect start to your day. Learn about how to add superfoods and vegetables to your everyday breakfasts without compromising on the flavour! Vibrant, delicious healthy breakfast bowl recipes you should definitely give a try!



  • healthy breakfast carrot turmeric porridge 1

    Carrot Turmeric Porridge {Vegan, Dairy free}

    Hello! I plan to share my recipe ideas more regularly on the blog, as I usually create a lot of recipes on a weekly basis but tend to share the images only on Instagram and not on the website. Hopefully I will get quicker at posting and sharing recipes and…

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  • protein cheesecake 3


    Hello! I have been busy moving house and country these past couple of weeks and have been doing my best to keep up with a steady source of creative recipes, images and ideas on the blog as well as on Instagram. Now that I have moved to Hong Kong I…

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  • turmeric granola 3

    Squash Turmeric Granola {Sugar free, Gluten free}

    Hello! With the descent of Autumn and moving towards winter, the seasonal super hero currently is squash! Squash is a nuttier form of pumpkin and comes in a series of colours, shapes and sizes. You usually get butternut squash through out the year in supermarkets in London but come Autumn/Winter…

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  • breakfast parfait sugar free challenge

    Nicecream Breakfast Parfait {Sugar free, Vegan, Raw }

    Healthy Breakfast Parfait Hello! Today I want to share with you this beautiful healthy breakfast parfait recipe. A traditional parfait is layers of fruit, cream, cake and custard or ice cream. A breakfast parfait is similarly made with layers of breakfast ingredients like granola, fruit, yogurt and ice cream. As…

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  • breakfast popsicle 3

    Healthy Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles

    Breakfast Popsicles! Hello! Today I want to share with you this simple and fun breakfast recipe. I had created these breakfast popsicles a few weeks back when London was facing an amazing summer! I had seen a series of these yogurt popsicles on different Instagram accounts and I wanted to…

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  • healthy plum crumble cupcake 7

    Healthy Plum Crumble Cupcake

    End of Season… Plums! With the beginning of Autumn in London, I have been noticing a glut of plums in the markets. I love eating seasonal plums ad usually have it as a quick snack during the day. Sweet and tangy, plums are a delicious fruit to also cook with.…

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