About Me

I am Meghna and I am passionate about eating, cooking and sharing wholesome food. My healthy food concept has been such an interesting journey of learning and experimenting and hugely evolved ever since I married my soul mate and moved to the city of London!

I have tried to eat healthy since I was a teenager, though my goals then were simple- get skinny! Going on various diets meant giving up something I really loved to do-baking! This was because all the cakes and sweet treat recipes that I came across were high in empty calories, sugar and saturated fat. Eventually I realised that punishing myself and avoiding foods did not help at all, because food cravings were inevitable and so was succumbing to guilty food pleasures.

After going on this very same yo-yo journey for several years, I accepted that I loved to eat and that I will eat but maybe, just maybe, there were ways to make my favourite foods healthier!

Whilst in London I came across different diets such as gluten free which led to interesting grain alternatives which were healthier than wheat. Vegan cooking led me to create delicious desserts without dairy and eggs and without any compromise in flavour. It also led me to raw foods and helped me create a myriad of raw meals, mylks and snacks which were not just salad! Paleo cooking helped me to reduce sugar in my meals and use organic vegetables, fish and grass fed, free range meat to create tasty grain free meals. I started reading and learning more about having a balanced diet and healthy food alternatives. It helped me understand the value and importance of ‘good fats’ for the body.  I also learnt that the biggest problem ingredient is not fat but sugar and over processed foods in all its various forms. I put together all these concepts and found that I lost weight and inches, had glowing skin, felt more energised and full of life! Whole foods, organic and as local as possible is my mantra for a healthy body, mind and soul!

Since 2014 I have been working hard on this concept of eating healthy. With the help of the Prince’s trust I created a business plan and launched an online business for gluten free, vegan Indian snacks. This was how this website was born. This led me to creating a blog and filling it with all the new recipes I created and the nutrition information I came about. This further led me to unchartered waters of food photography, styling and Instagram! I bought myself a second hand DSLR and a book on food photography and slowly started learning and creating, the camera my paint brush, the food my canvas…

I have spent the year 2016 working with various health food companies in London, learning how to run a food business, from running a commercial kitchen to creating blog content.

I moved to Hong Kong in the end of 2016 and I have taken the next big step by Studying to become a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. I feel this is the most organic decision where I learn how to heal the body and mind through food and cooking as well as focus on sustainable nutrition and giving back to mother Earth. I hope to share what I learn and help develop a more holistic understanding of being and living a healthy life! I currently create health food workshops and events, develop recipe lines, work with brands I believe in, write for various publications and constantly search for more organic and local food sources in and around HK!

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